More than just packing boxes.

Ryan Redmond


Photo by Michal B on Unsplash

“Moving is such a hassle.”

This is what everyone says when you tell them you’re moving.

It’s true.

It’s a hassle.

It’s more than just packing up your things into boxes and hoping you’ve used enough bubble wrap that your favorite coffee mug doesn’t break during the journey to your new place. There’s nothing sentimental about the mug. It’s just your favorite. No explanation. The other mugs are jealous though.

There is more than just the physical labor of doing all of this.

You have to change addresses on all your accounts.

You have to make sure your mail is forwarded.

You have to hope your deposit is returned to you, but you know your landlord will claim a new coat of plain white paint costs hundreds of dollars somehow.

Sure. Whatever.

The process of moving even changes as you age.

When you’re in your 20s, you wrangle up a few friends with the promise of beer and pizza to help you lug boxes down to the U-Haul you rented for the day. And only one day. You can’t afford to make this a multiple day project.

You get older, so does your back. So does the backs of your friends.

You hire movers.

You also keep more stuff as you get older.

You have nicer furniture. A desk you want to keep forever. A lamp you found at an antique market.

The things you have become more than things because they’ve been with you for years. They become like people, much like the household objects in Beauty and the Beast.

This tea pot cannot sing and dance, but it has personality. You have to keep it.

However, the good thing about moving is realizing you have an awful lot of things lacking personality. Therefore, they can be tossed.

Like this toaster, which is dented and hardly ever used because no matter how much you clean it out it always smells like something is burning the second you turn it on.