How I Wrote a Popular Medium Story

The one that took off.

Ryan Redmond


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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I don’t know.

Honestly, no idea how this one story went viral.

Maybe people connected with it?

Maybe people just enjoyed the story?

Maybe that deal I made with the devil is actually paying off finally?

I don’t know.

I typed up the story fairly quickly.

I was on vacation, and as all single people traveling solo at the airport know, we fall in love with one another when we spot another single traveler.

Therefore, I typed up what I thought would just be another little amusing story to add to my profile.

When the notifications on my phone started to blow up, I was surprised to see they were all from Medium, not from an admirer I hoped would be texting their undying love for me.

It wasn’t just the claps, or comments, that took off.