City Night Sounds

The playlist of my sleep.

Ryan Redmond


Photo by Edward Xu on Unsplash

I rest my head on the pillow.

The sounds of the city at night begin to play…

Distant sirens.

Car alarm.

Someone rattling bottles in a dumpster.

Dog barking.

Neighbor yelling at dog to stop barking.

A can being kicked down the street.

Sirens closer by.

A car backfire (or was that a gun shot?).

Large trucks on the highway.

Car alarm again.

Neighbors having sex.

A group of drunk people getting out of an Uber.

Train whistle far away.

Wind howling.

Dog howling.

Stray cat meowing.

Homeless man barking.

Beeping from a truck backing up.

Metal gate being closed.

Neighbor’s morning alarm going off.

Garbage truck picking up trash.

Bus driving by.

My alarm going off.

I wake.