Why our place in the universe should bring us comfort.

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut.

I remember taking out our small telescope to the backyard and pointing it up to the sky. I had a beginner’s astronomy guidebook that helped me understand what I was looking at because I usually had no idea.

Stars all look the same to me.

I could point out the constellations I knew: Orion’s Belt, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper. My dad helped us know these by their common names, and I can still point them out today. …

Battling my anxiety of returning to the world again.

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When I was a kid, nothing gave me anxiety more than going back to school.

I didn’t like school. As a kid, nothing annoyed me more than other kids. I loved learning, but I hated people. That sentiment continues to this day.

I still hate people, but I definitely hated them more as a kid because I had to interact with them. It is much easier to avoid interacting with people as an adult because you don’t have to randomly pair up with someone when you’re out grocery shopping.

I was also a notoriously shy kid. In kindergarten, I refused…

I have an artistic passion…which I hope makes me money.

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One of my favorite paintings is Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks (1942). It is occasionally what I set my computer wallpaper to, which I’m sure is something Hopper never imagined how his work would be displayed.

I mention this because I was recently learning a bit of background on the artist that I had never known. As much as I love art, I know little about it. Impressionism or abstract expressionism? No idea, but I think it looks pretty.

One fact about Edward Hopper is that he worked as an illustrator to earn money before his work became famous among the art…

I feel reborn.

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The pandemic only killed a version of me, and a better version of me was born because of it.

I feel the new me seems to be a better version of myself.

Thankfully, this new version of me still loves wine and cheese. That could never change.

Let’s flash back to the beginning of 2020.

I rang in the new year by falling asleep by 9PM because I drank my champagne early in the day. I don’t need to see a ball drop or watch people blow off fireworks. …

I want to spend time with the people I will miss when they’re gone.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, circa March 2020, I was starting to bake bread like everyone else.

Not sourdough. That seemed too complicated. I stuck with the basics.

It seemed important to find a hobby that could pass the time as we all tucked ourselves away from society into our homes. My home is a small studio apartment so if you had a larger space than I, you were much more fortunate.

I also wanted to paint more, a hobby I had started a couple of years ago and had not kept up with.

However, I baked a few…

Adding guac at Chipotle to every order.

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If you ask someone what it means to be rich, they are likely to talk about having millions of dollars, an expensive car, and a house with too many rooms to count.

How do people feel comfortable in those mansions?

Do they not believe in ghosts? I don’t, but if I were a ghost, I’d be hiding in mansions, not in a one bedroom apartment.

To me, being “rich” is something much simpler. It means having an in-unit washer and dryer.

It means booking a flight last minute for a weekend trip.

It means weekend trips.

And I don’t mean…

How are people doing this every day?

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One of the many reasons in which I will not have children is due to the fact you have to feed them.

This means that every day you have to figure out what they will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Humans supposedly have to have three meals a day.

I don’t even do that for myself.

Breakfast is coffee.

There’s the rare occurrences in which I have yogurt, but most of the time, the yogurt stays in the fridge till it goes bad.

Lunch is also coffee.

Dinner is wine.

My problem is that I go to the grocery…

I like my wine, my cheese, and my new love handles.

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Like the majority of people during the pandemic, I gained some weight.

After all, we were stuck at home, unable to go to the gym.

Full disclosure: I do not have a gym membership, but in solidarity with those who couldn’t go, I, too, suspended any exercise.

In addition to standing in solidarity with those who had expensive memberships to gyms they rarely visited even pre-pandemic, I had splurged on snacks and takeout while working from home.

I avoided stepping on the scale till it was nearing the time to once again see people in person instead of via Zoom.


Slow down.

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Dear People Who Like to Hustle,

You need to slow down.

I was walking home the other evening and saw a license plate that read: WERRRK.

You’re probably imagining the car the plate belonged to. Perhaps something expensive? Perhaps something sleek that shows off their wealth from all the “werrrk” they do?

It was a Chevrolet Malibu.

Don’t get me wrong. Cars are expensive, but do you really want to burn yourself out working for a Chevrolet Malibu?

Imagine that obituary.

“So-and-so spent life working in order to satisfy the capitalism that is brainwashed into all of us to afford…

Single people: we don’t have to prove our happiness.

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Why does it feel as if there is pressure to be happy while single — and pressure to prove our happiness?

Any time I’m asked about dating and being single, it comes with some sort of tone. I have been single for years so this tone is all too familiar.

It’s the tone of someone who projects pity.

The tone someone uses when speaking to a person who has just suffered a loss, but they are blaming you for the loss. …

Ryan Redmond

Writer of books, essays, short stories, and grocery lists that are replaced by takeout. Either drinking coffee or wine at the moment. | Twitter @iamryanredmond

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