The media likes a fight.

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The United States Senate is as dysfunctional as a Spirit Airlines flight.

It seems like a good idea until you find out there are a bunch of unwritten rules, hidden fees, and a crew that will do anything to make you miserable.

The majority of 100 is 60?

You only…

We cannot procrastinate on this.

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We’ve heard the warnings many times.

Record heat waves this summer.

Expect more and stronger storms.

Oceans are warming.

Sea levels are rising.

Wildfire smoke fill the skies across the country.

We’re completely f*cked.

The science has overwhelmingly confirmed that human beings have altered the climate of Earth and are…


Get out of my way

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Dear non-coffee drinkers at Starbucks,

In 1971, the first Starbucks coffeehouse opened in Seattle at the Pike Place Marketplace.

Keyword: coffeehouse.

It is a coffeehouse.



As of October 2020, there are over 32,000 locations around the world, and in each one, there are far too many individuals ordering…

I have an artistic passion…which I hope makes me money.

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One of my favorite paintings is Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks (1942). It is occasionally what I set my computer wallpaper to, which I’m sure is something Hopper never imagined how his work would be displayed.

I mention this because I was recently learning a bit of background on the artist that…

I want to spend time with the people I will miss when they’re gone.

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At the beginning of the pandemic, circa March 2020, I was starting to bake bread like everyone else.

Not sourdough. That seemed too complicated. I stuck with the basics.

It seemed important to find a hobby that could pass the time as we all tucked ourselves away from society into…

Do we really need more writing about writing?

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Whether it is a Medium article, or a MasterClass, or a how-to book, or a stranger in a coffee shop who sees you writing and decides to offer an opinion, there seems to be more writing advice than actual writing.

Have writers run out of ideas that the best thing…

Adding guac at Chipotle to every order.

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If you ask someone what it means to be rich, they are likely to talk about having millions of dollars, an expensive car, and a house with too many rooms to count.

How do people feel comfortable in those mansions?

Do they not believe in ghosts? I don’t, but if…

How are people doing this every day?

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One of the many reasons in which I will not have children is due to the fact you have to feed them.

This means that every day you have to figure out what they will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Humans supposedly have to have three meals a day.

I like my wine, my cheese, and my new love handles.

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Like the majority of people during the pandemic, I gained some weight.

After all, we were stuck at home, unable to go to the gym.

Full disclosure: I do not have a gym membership, but in solidarity with those who couldn’t go, I, too, suspended any exercise.

In addition to…

Ryan Redmond

Writer of books, essays, short stories, and grocery lists that are replaced by takeout. Either drinking coffee or wine at the moment. | Twitter @iamryanredmond

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